About me

I’m a 23yr old Information Science Graduate …
I take myself pretty seriously and try to think simple yet out of the box,literally 😉
I like to invent new ways to deal with existing problems…Might be simple,Might not be!
Yet I try in honesty .

In June ’07 Joined ‘Sun Microsystems’ and from there my love towards programming / computers intensified.I was still a student then and with hardly any knowledge (really, engineering=no knowledge) I was inducted as a Campus Ambassador along with  100 others from around the country.

Being in Sun most preferred Java to work on but I wanted something different and this made me give Solaris a try…Now I only have Solaris.

I began work with Belenix, and that how I developed interest in Operating systems. My first project was to Boot Belenix from Ram. I worked under Moinak, The architect of Belenix.(Who better could I have asked for?)

This won me the Community Innovation award ,I stood 1st for India and 2nd for the world.

Later I wanted to try my hands at Networking and ended up writing an automation tool for Project Crossbow(Used in Sun Microystems).

In my free time,

I just look into what the current release dont have(What I think they need, and code my way to glory) ,written a lot of small utilities that help me manage my solaris better.

My areas of interest are Filesystems ,networking,memory management.

Icing on the cake: Has to be on solaris only. well any *nix will do.

Future plans: Once I settle down with a job in hand(bloody recession) I’d like to become a core developer for Belenix.(Moinak sign me up 😉 )

PS: If  it does not work on Solaris ,its not worthy of being used. 🙂

Technology is what Interests me ,no matter where it comes from.

I would sincerely urge all the readers to experiment with new things.. Because its only when you start using new things will  you realize how old you were/are. 😉

Strong ,but definitely.

Currently I”ve been employed by Nexenta Systems (2009, sept – Present)


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