KSTDC, Want to take a Taxi ?

Life in India has never been easy and now i’m hard-pressed to say that even visitors to India, especially Bangalore seems to be even more careful.

How careful one might ask, well how about The moment you step out of the airport and board a taxi” ,sound? , Shocked!! Here is what happened to us ..

On 5/01/2014 we took the ‘Airport Taxi’ a service offered by K.S.T.D.C (Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation). Knowing that this is a State run service one would presume it to be safe but in bangalore that’s hardly the case.

So we step into a taxi and the driver from the onset itself looks really drowsy . I had my moments even before stepping into the taxi but for some reason we went ahead . Suspecting his behavior i sat in the front seat of the taxi itself and then it happened. The first head swing even before we left the Airport premises.
I yelled at him to stop if he’s sleepy to which there was a wide awakened response saying that he is very much awake. Anyway i let it be and continued but this driver was 90% asleep throughout the journey and drove horribly in the dark hours of night.  He used to unnecessarily brake and he thought he saw a speed breaker while there was nothing like that in sight at all. Due to his inability to even comprehend the road conditions I had to stay awake after nearly 10 hrs of being in multiple airports and contentiously traveling myself.
If there was only 1 passenger and he/she wished to sit and take rest after a long journey this moron would have really created a mess , He was very much capable of it.

He cannot see the road properly but is lying, and finally the last blow came close to my place where he had to take a turn and completely lost it. He was so sleepy that he couldn’t turn the car at all and that’s when i lost my cool and had to give him a piece of my mind.

This is the status of our Taxi drivers and Taxi organizations. They don’t care about their lives (well that’s good for our population) but we do and I’m in no hurry to go away , that i rest my life in the hands of such State run Morons.

This is the case with any taxi/cab service . I’ve spoke to multiple taxi drivers and they all tell me the same thing, they just dont have enough sleep and almost all of them drive in dreams.

So a humble request to all passengers or anyone taking taxis in Bangalore.
Its always better to take the Airport Bus service and have someone pick you up from the closest bus stop. At least you will be sure to reach home.
Foreigners, If you have a hotel booked already ensure you ask for a cab from their hotel only. At least they will be a bit better than these idiots.

If noting works out at least sit in the front seat and observe the driver all the time . Hopefully you can catch him like i did and for Ladies well that’s one less of a safety feature that you can get, i’m sorry!!

This is the state of affairs and i’m quite sure this blog wont be read by anyone responsible in making a change to the system unless I take it all the way and knock on KSTDC doors and tell them to look at it but that’s the way it is.

PS:: I’ve contacted the concerned person at KSTDC taxi and reported this incident, I just hope he make necessary amendments .

Here are the details of the Taxi trip, if anyone wants to make a change please do so. (Not by firing the driver but looking at what exactly is the root cause)
Trip No : 1133
Date : 5/1/2014
Start time : 23.14
End time : 00:23:41
Taxi Service : K.S.T.D.C (Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation)


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