Lollipop , popped

After having a tiring day trying to fix up some broadcom drivers , I wanted to revitalize myself some way and looked everywhere only to find my phone ,my laptop and a small candy.

Munching on candy all along , I just kept staring at my phone and that’s when it struck , hey I have a Nexus 5 and its November and Lollipop is suppose to be out. So quickly did a search to find out that there is no OTA support for Mr L yet ,however stock images are available from google’s official site.

Thus began the endeavour of flashing my phone from Kit-kat to Lollipop.

So lets start,

Things you will need.

1.) adb utility and the flashing procedure : get it here
2.) Flash image for your device , you can get it here
3.) Some courage 🙂

A note though, the procedure mentioned (at least in the link) is to get back to STOCK images however, all you need to do is just extract the firmware images as given in step 2 and follow step 1 thereafter.

Make sure to backup contents before you flash because “you will lose everything”.

Anyway after about 10 mins of work on the keyboard and a further 5 mins spent waiting for the phone to boot up, Lollipop was finally running on my phone without any issues (at least till now)

So here is my take on Lollipop,
1.) Nexus 5 was always a fast phone because of which i didn’t find perceivable difference between KK and L.
2.) The notification centre has changed quite dramatically and some people like it , but i feel its just too cluttered and even on a 5″ phone i almost have the entire screen filled with different notifications.
3.) The entire background of the app-drawer has moved to showcase lighter colour tones but the white background looks weird to me.

The greatest “plus” though is , great battery life.

Many Nexus 5 owners might have complained about poor battery life but with L the battery life has definitely increased and perhaps just for that you should give it a shot.  🙂

In all , barring the battery life there isn’t much that one can tell between the 2 version of andriod.

Give it a shot nonetheless 😉


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