Pocket rocket -one plus 6

I had thought that it would be tough to replace my workforce, “Moto X play” , but when the screen cracked I started the digital search once again after almost 3years.

I straight aways narrowed down to the Samsung s9+ and the iPhone x.

The latter was one I really wanted to get my hands on size I had never tasted an Apple. Multiple visits to Amazon and YouTube, never ending reviews later I figured that this Apple was just too pricey to take a bite off of. Damn! I thought to myself.

Blessing in disguise, as they say, one of the videos I watched compared the Apple and Samsung with the one plus 6 šŸ™‚

And that’s it, every day for the next 1 week I started watching a video and leaning towards the OP6. perhaps the best set of videos I had watched of gadgets in a long long time.

So finally I thanked the gods for helping me crack the screen on my X-Play and picked up this beauty.

With that a few comments on the phone

Form factor: kid you not but this phone is nearly as big as the 9+ but packs a larger screen and because of that it looks amazing especially full screen apps.

Somehow though, it doesn’t feel to big to keep in the pocket so it’s a win from from my side for the way it’s designed.

Workhorse: oh yes, this one is a rocket..

I’ve been using this for a week now (I know, I know it’s not long enough) but with a 8G RAM and an octa core everything is as fast as a dash of light. I mean this is very very close to the iPhone-x and some even show that this beats the iPhone-x.

Benchmarks are one thing but real world feel is a totally different ball game and thou wouldn’t go wrong with either on this one.

Camera: oh boy, oh boy this is magnificent. I’m a hobbyist photographer owing a D7000 and there are many many times I’ve felt this comes very very close to a DSLR. Colour representing I feel is better than the iPhone or the S9+. The camera itself is very snappy, it’s almost instantaneous andb coupled with a slomo at full HD and even at 4k(although I wouldn’t recommend) this dude got it all šŸ™‚

Battery: the fuel for this best is a 3300mah šŸ”‹ that easily lasts a day (for me at least).

Being an average user (2hrs YouTube, about 1hr of general surfing and 3G turned on all day) the battery lasts just shy of 24hrs.

Software: hadn’t really used the oxygen OS but now I feel this is a good as the stock android OS. I have to give it to the OnePlus team for not including any bloat ware. The phone comes with only the softwares that anyone would “actually use”.

Final takeaways: yes even gods had wars and likewise there are some pitfalls with this dude as well.

  1. No wireless charging
  2. šŸ”‹ could have been better (for some)

That’s it, I really can’t think of too many things to fault and honestly I’d prefer wired charging for now.

Now the best part of this phone “it has a 3.5mm audio jack”. Ice been observing the newer phones and for some foolish reason they don’t come with a jack. I really don’t understand what the engineering depts are smoking when they decide such things. If you ask me, it’s only a gimmick to make people pay more for merchandise they they already own

However the biggest and the most notable takeaway is that you can get all this for half the price of both the Samsung or Apple phones.

With that, signing off.


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