Satyamev Jayathe , Not much Satya(Truth) in it.

Off late I’ve been very keenly following the famous Aamir Khan starter “Satyamev Jayathe”.
First things first , for all those folks who think this is a one of a kind show ,let me tell you its NOT.
There have been tons of such serials exposing social stigmas and social issues running on TV from ages.

Secondly, My personal views on this show and here it goes.
We all know that India is facing major social problems and there is no need to expose them and make a claim that this show is doing good to the country’s people by making them aware of such issues…This is utterly silly.

Anyone willing to spend 10mins on the web can get statistics about INDIA, I spent 2 mins and got this..

So there are many such places from where information can be procured , but what India needs today is not someone who shows the world the filth present in the country but someone who can take ownership of it and make India a BETTER PLACE.

Any attempts short of this is mere media propaganda is what I feel. To all the folks reading this.. Just think about it this way..
If you have filth lying around in front of you’re door step , will you call all you’re neighbors and tell them that you have filth or will you clean it first?, and if you’re so much foolish as to do the former then you’re home is going to be stinking and people walking in front will just PASS BY.

I don’t think i can make it any clearer…
Point 2,
When this show started and when i saw the initiatives taken by Aamir and his team to prevent female foeticide i felt happy that a man of his stature is finally doing something great of the nation but slowly this feeling started to dwindle and now with the episodes being shown , I really don’t feel anything new is being done..
Its becoming another Ophra witfney show, that’s all

Let me come to my justification of why I’ve named my post like this..
The topic in question is that of the latest episode in this series ,about Alcoholism …

This episode becomes interesting from the start itself when Aamir begins with only the ill-effects of Alcohol “ABUSE”, Make note of the word “ABUSE”.
Social Drinking , Alcoholism and Binging are very very different things and Aamir of all the guys should know this at least for the fact that he is a celebrity and parties are a norm for these guys…

Everything was mixed up and upsets the viewers mind into thinking that at the touch of Alcohol one becomes an ADDICT.

If one drinks coffee or tea too many times its related to cause Pancreatic cancer, that does not mean everyone will die of Pancreatic cancer , now does it?
Not all drivers die in an accident , so driving is not a sin.

Similarly Drinking is not a sin until its under control and defining the limit is subjective.

if the person cannot handle his addictions well then its spells disaster. THAT’S IT.

Finally the victims interviewed were all ADDICTS who at one point in their lives had nothing else better than to just Drink and Drink more, why was no one who drinks at a much more subtle level interviewed?
Why has there been no stats on regular drinkers and how it’s affected their lives shown in comparison with these Addicts?

I dont support Alcohol and I’m very well aware of its issues, but that said its extremely important to provide correct information to the viewers especially with such sensitive issues..

Hopefully people understand enough to trust this “Great social show” just a bit less..



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