Vodafone nuisance.

With so many network carriers around in India its just understandable that each one “should” be in a rat race to lure customers in a fair way towards them.
However Vodafone seems to think otherwise.

In the recent past Vodafone (for whom I’m a customer since 8-9 years) has made me go from a satisfied to an extremely dissatisfied customer, so much so that today I’ve literally thrown the SIM and walked out of their office.

The whole issue started a few months ago when I complained about bad 3G network in most of the places I usually go to. After having taken my request ( 2-3 times in a span of few months) one would expect some sort of response from them but that was not to be.
(I will not get into the details but hopefully this will serve as an eye opener for people planning on migrating to vodafone.)

I lodged a complaint about bad network and hopeless 3G service in November and was given a due date for recitfication some 15days thereafter , I waited and waited not a bloody soul even bothered to call me and ask for full technical deatails of my problems.
Then I realized I’ve played this game of “Snake and ladder” a bit too much for I went ahead with “Mobile Number Portability”(MNP) to switch to another carrier.

Little did I know that these guys were useless and they are masters in buying time.
So then, I applied for MNP over a message and guess what within a few hrs there was a call from vodafone back-end( wow.. What a surprise!!) asking for a week or so to rectify the problem and I gave them another opportunity (only to be fooled again).

Hmm… As always the time requested by them lapsed and there was no response of any sort from them.. This time I got really pissed and again applied for MNP (with full intent to make it stick ,come what may).

As expected, there was another call within a few hrs but this time I asked them to do what they want to resolve my complaint but I would grant them time only until i got my MNP-ID.
But as usual I did not get any response in the stipulated time (which ended on Thursday, 8th dec). So today I entered the Vodafone office with full intentions to resolve this ‘AT ONCE’.

The customer care executive to my surprise was again asking for time, but this time I would have it my way and my way only.
I “RECORDED” the whole conversation and at the end simply pulled out the SIM and threw it on the table and walked off.. ( Yes, I threw it on the table and walked off)

If you’re really a DOG that follows your owner anywhere you go , Learn to stick with the owner, If you get cocky and run away with a stray DOG this is how your owner will hit you.
(Hopefully you’ve leaned a lesson, I think otherwise.)



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