Are we really educated?

This is a rather sad post but one I hope will open the ignorant eyes of Indians in “India” (only).

One can leverage this to pretty much anything that an Indian in India does.. So please read it carefully and understand that we all live for and because of another one.
Bangalore is known of its traffic situation and it was also listed in TOI(Times of India, A daily) . You can find the full transcript here.
“Bangalore is the 6th worst city in the WORLD for commuting”.

One can only Imagine how life will be if it takes 1hr to travel 6-7kms and all you need to do to flood the roads is to open your taps and let the water run, Just that simple.

So having been through all this ,I started to look for solutions (Not much you can do if your on the road for 1 hr ,you see 😉 )
Today when you ask the “Average Bangalorean” ,he/she will definitely point figure at the ‘Traffic police” / Traffic management , civil admisintration so on and so forth…..

Guys here is my 2cents on this finger pointing game…
1.) Traffic would not exist if we hadn’t created it in the first place.
2.) Unruly cops would not exist if we decided to raise our voice rather than making a dinner time story of how one managed to  bribe and escape.
3.) Horrible/Uneducated foolish politicians would not exist if we didn’t put them there in the first place.

So now what’s my point then?
Very simple, we just need to begin adopting simple/doable changes in our life style such that we benefit the society…

Look at it this way..( Let me take this point by point…)

1.) Traffic management is horrible in India/Bangalore ,everywhere….
Is it really?
How many of us park our vehicles under a NO PARKING board? and what difference does it make if you sit inside the car while you let your family members shop? “NO PARKING MEANS NO PARKING, NOT PARK AND SIT INSIDE THE CAR“, and one blames the cops?
Lets look at how cops react to this…Even in the worst case a cop approaches you asks you “if you cannot see the sign” and the moment he says you scoot from that place “ONLY TO STOP A FEW YARDS AWAY”.

Excuse me but if the cops weren’t friendly you would have had an offence under your name but rarely do they resort to such things.
NOW, ARE YOU A MORON to not understand that you should not park where you’re not suppose to? So what if you dont have a place to park close to where you want to get down.. PARK AND WALK.

2.) Our able citizen especially in Bangalore say they don’t have proper footpaths to walk on. Here is a bit of my analysis..
I can positively say that 70-85% of the people who walk , walk on the road and not use the footpath(even when its available).
When such is the case are you again a MORON to complain that the city has no adequate footpath facility while you don’t bother using one even when you have it?
WE MUST ACCEPT that we all do this and stop blaming the cops for what they do..

Perhaps a small justification by the pedestrians is that vehicles are parked on the pavements and thus obstructing their path.. Even though I agree to this point, there are still lots of places where this does not happen and if you begin to walk on the pavements ,vehicles will automatically have to move…(Think about it.. If you put across a point that you WANT  to use the footpath ONLY and its being blocked , do you think the police will not take action?) If there are many people raising the same voice then surely the cops will act.

Now comes the biggest point.. I’ve mentioned at the start of this post that this is a problem with “Indians in India” ..
Most of us in Bangalore are IT professionals and have visited other countries definitely, top on the charts are the US and UK..
Think about it yourself and please analyze…
Would you “DARE” to do the same things there? The answer is a sure NO because you know that if you park where you’re not suppose to or drive in a manner your not suppose to, or so much as to sit in a place where you’re not suppose to , you will be “BEHIND BARS” or will lose your “CREDIBILITY” …

Now my fellow countrymen use your “BRAINS” and just think what could change if you simple stopped doing these 2 things mentioned above..

People will being to park at the right places thus making the roads a better place to drive. Better roads means faster drive to get back to our families.
Slowly the pressure on the govt mounts to provide adequate places for parking as people would being to demand for it and our demands are justified.
We will begin to have better/bigger and cleaner pavements free from shit and vehicles so we can substitute roads with pavements for walking. 😉
Thing could get better and will get better..
Just let go of the “Indian” attitude and just think what you were taught in “CLASS 5”,

PS:: what is the use of studying in a grad school or working with the top brains in the “US” when all it takes is a “CLASS 5” understanding of how to live life.

What a PITY.


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