Quietly brilliant

This time I’ve made it stick(or ring) perfectly….
A few days back I finally gathered the courage to buy another phone which should hopefully be my last one.

Having decided so at least, Ive bought the ‘HTC desire s’.
After having researched I realized how dual core runs out of juice when u need it and how the sloppy low end phones have no juice to run out of….

Hence bought a single core 1Ghz , 768M ram phone..(faster than my first computer).

Here is a small review…
In a nutshell… You cannot possibly want or expect more… It delivers on all fronts..

What I like?
Battery life: honestly for a 3.7″ super lcd display with a heavy processor I expected a max of 1 day, but was pleasantly surprised to see it lasting for another half a day:…
To test it out thoroughly I had used it on WiFi , with  2hr call time and nearly 4hrs of continuously trying to acquire 3g, I ended up with a full day of happiness..

Messaging: I’ve finished my schooling a long time ago but still my not so dexterous fingers were playing with the keys like a pianist… For a phone with no hard keys I must say the layout of the on screen pad is much to talk about…really liked it.

Video: its not particularly great like the iPhone simply be because it does not contain the retina display but then I’ve used the iPhone and videos are mostly dependent on the encoding and recording… Having said that is still say u sol not be disappointed if u watch a movie on this….

Auto completion: now this is really fantastic.. it manages your mistakes quite well and the pallet appears just at the right place so as to not obstruct ones viewing angle while typing…

WiFi Hotspot:: This is one of the features i like the most. What it does is rather clever. If you have any Data connection(2G/3G/4G) you can create a hotspot for that via WiFi and let others access “your” Data connection to procure internet on their phones.. I’ve tested this out too with another android device and it works brilliantly , better than tethering, I must say.

What I don’t care about?
Camera: I already have a nice dedicated equipment and don’t feel the need that much, although its not too great , u can still shoot decent ones…

All in all this is good phone to buy considering its price point and the longevity one can be sure it will serve you well.
All the hype about dual core phones are silly, at least for now..
What are you going to do with a dual core phone if your batt cannot keep up…
The most important thing for a phone is to be able to call, not run out of steam when u want to do so……
So keeping that in mind is say this is a worthy buy…

So cheers…
Ps: this was Blogged in 15mins from my phone….
So messaging does work fast, aye!!


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