Fast Lens, Slow Lens, Fast lens, Slow lens…

So its nearly 2AM here and i’m mildly sleepy .But the weather is nice and had a good day at work.. So charged up still…

This next installment to photography I shall discuss a few things I’ve realized about lenses, Namely Fast/Slow Lens..

So without wasting much time..(And presuming that you guys have read my previous post about Aperture and shutter speed)
If you’ve not read it,(This is not Engineering where you can skip chapters and yet score well, GO BACK READ IT FIRST)

To begin with, Speed of a lens refers to the size of the ‘Aperture’. The larger the Aperture ,faster is the lens.

Hmm…I still didn’t understand!!!!
As you are already aware that Aperture dictates the light gathering capacity of a lens. (High Aperture == more light).
Now when such is the case you can use a very high or ‘Fast’ Shutter speed without the worry of the image blacking out or turning out dull…
Since you can use a ‘Fast’ shutter speed the lens is called a Fast lens.

So where is it used?

Generally a fast lens is used in low light conditions, sports photography.
In both these cases either there is a requirement for hight amounts of light or a “Fast shutter speed” respectively, or both.

What is a Slow lens?

Is there an explanation still needed for this? 😉


Pros and Cons::
Fast lenses are quite expensive, nearly 2-3x costlier than a slow lens with the same focal length.
For this you get a great deal more in terms of light gathering ability nonetheless.
Most prefer to use a flash on a slow lens to provide the light effect.. But flash photography is one tough nut to crack

Even thought its expensive, a fast lens has lots of benefits (which make it a really wise choice to buy) that I will discuss in my next  post.

Signing out at 2:30AM



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