Aperture and shutter speed??

Contrary to my previous post on this topic I decided to have a report on aperture and shutter speed before I discuss about “speed of a lens” otherwise it would be tough to understand.

So then moving on…
Q:: “What is Aperture and how does it affect a photo??”
A:: (If you want to become all savvy and read the complete document on it here you go ) .
Aperture settings basically let you obtain varying amounts of “Depth of field“(DOF). If you dont want to read through everything in that link provided here is a small run down on what it means… Basically DOF lets you adjust the amount of background that needs to be in focus along with the indented foreground.

Aperture is read and understood as “f-stops” or “f-number” and is denoted as 1/number and more commonly as f/<number>
High aperture = low f-numberย  and lots of light enters the sensor and the field of view is small
Low aperture = high f-number and minimum light enters the sensor and the field of view is huge.

Ahhhhh…… So when to use what??
As a thumb rule one uses High aperture when there is a need for lot of light, as in case of indoor/ low light photography and the converse is true for low aperture.
As as example thing of the time where you want to shoot some portraits and now would it make sense to include the background in focus too? while your actually trying to photograph a model?. The answer is no and you need a lot of light to be captured so the picture is nice and crisp.. So what do you choose?
Here is a good example of what I mean.

(if you can answer this question then its time you started playing with aperture or else revisit the links above ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Q:: What is shutter speed
A:: Shutter speed lets you manage the amount of time the sensor is exposed to the subject, in general. Its read/understood in terms of 1/<x>secs
eg:: 1/20s, 1/2000s and so on.
As its evident from the example the following settings mean that the shutter remains open for the specified amount of time in seconds after which it closes .

Here again a fast shutter speed(1/100, or 1/2000) would mean that the shutter is open for that period of time and shuts after that.

So again…. How does that affect my photo?
A fast shutter speed would mean that an immediate motion of the subject can be frozen in time as is.While a slower speed would mean that the image might turn out hazy
I found out a good example here that shows the difference.

NOTE:: Both shutter speed and Aperture needs to be adjusted carefully in order to get the right exposure intended. One without the other is like “food without spices”, You got to eat it but it wont be tasty. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The best way to figure these out is to experiment and see the various changes .

Armed with these details you can start shooting better!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
Now that you are aware of these details it would be appropriate to begin understanding what a fast or a slow lens is all about and that’s for the next post.



3 thoughts on “Aperture and shutter speed??

    1. Read all the posts in this category , I have started writing this so that it will help demystify a lot of questions that I faced when I started learning..
      having said that though the fun of just experimenting with a camera is all you need..
      I’ trying to give it a pragmatic approach ๐Ÿ˜‰

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