Trip to the Hotel, Yercaud!

Well I always wanted to make my own travelogue but never got the opportunity to move around much.. Thankfully though from the past 3 yrs my ideas changed and now here I am making sure that I travel at least once in 2-3 months.

So recently I had been to Yercaud(A hill station nestled in the heart (well head) of “Tamil Nadu”).We left bang on time(Not surprising if I’m in charge) at 6:30AM on a quiet friday morning.

The route I took was ::
Bangalore -> Silk board junction -> Hosur Highway(NH-7 Entrance)-> Krishnagiri-> Salem->Yercaud.

If your used to carrying plastic money, make sure that you carry at least 500Rs in cash for this is completely a toll route(Both ways.)
Having said that though the drive was just fantastic. I mean there were numerous occasions where I felt I was not driving on Indian roads.. It was that good. Simply fantastic.!!!

We stopped on the way near hosur for a quick breakfast(which stretched for 45mins) and the best part of it all was that we carried homemade stuff.. So the whole idea of “eating out in the car” really did come true.

HUGE and WIDE roads with well behaved truckers meant that I could cover the 275km in roughly 3hrs.

On reaching yercaud the faint memories started kicking in for I had been there with my family earlier when i was a kid.

This place really does not have much in it though.. Its simply a really quiet place that shuts down by 6:30-7PM. So if your looking for a “happening” place, this one is not for you(And hence the title!! :D).

We stayed in ‘Shevaroys‘. This is perhaps the only sad part of the trip as the hotel is poorly equipped. The service is just about average and the food they serve, my god!!(Thats all I’m going to say)

There is however another enticing approach to this(which we exercised) , just about 2km down the hill there is another resort called “SkyRoca” and as we found out its quite an expensive place to stay but the food was fabulous..

Advice:: Stay at Shevaroys and go there to keep your tummy happy 😉

We stayed there for 2 days simply to get away from the noisy weekend and it was well worth the drive ,I must add.
The green hills, misty weekend mornings and clean/quiet winding ghat roads are all a pleasure for a bangalorean.
Before we knew it , it was sunday and time to head back but this time the way back was also filled with joy as NH-7 welcomed me with open arms and in 3 hrs flat it threw me back out (entered hosur).

To round it up then, the trip has been yet another success.
Rejuvenating and refreshing escapes now have become an important part of my enjoyments…

Cheers. 🙂


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