illumos:: zfs get ‘s’ a new look

I recently pushed a feature for zfs into the illumos gate.

With this push the ‘zfs get’ command takes moutpoints as arguments as well.

This proves to be quite a handy tool especially when you dont have a clue as to where your filesystems/snapshots are mounted.

A sneak peek …

Native zfs cmd

# zfs get mountpoint /root/Test/
cannot open ‘/root/Test/’: invalid dataset name

With the new commit

# ./zfs get all /root/Test/ |head -10

NAME          PROPERTY              VALUE                  SOURCE
syspool/test  type                  filesystem             –
syspool/test  creation              Mon Feb  7 10:46 2011  –
syspool/test  used                  31K                    –
syspool/test  available             5.01G                  –
syspool/test  referenced            31K                    –
syspool/test  compressratio         1.00x                  –
syspool/test  mounted               yes                    –
syspool/test  quota                 none                   default

PS: If you’ve never tried illumos , you should. Its something very new/fresh and different



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