Are you choosing the right lens?

If you’ve checked in ,in the past few weeks hoping to find an update on photography sorry to dissapoint you all. I’ve been quite busy with my work to keep up my promise.

So will make a slight change in the way this will be handled henceforth. “I will be updating this genre once in 2 weeks from now on.”

Getting back  now,

How do I choose a right one?

IMPORTANT POINT:: how much money you got? 🙂

I’ve always believed that photography is as much about a niche sense of observation as it is about the money.

Recently I happened to see a review of a Lens that costs 8,00,000Rs. One would think your nuts to buy such expensive/precision equipments.. Well your not as long as you can substantiate your points.

As being a hobbyist it would make “Very little sense” to invest in a lens like that.

Moving ahead here are a few types of lens available and their basic description.

[1] Prime/Fixed focal lenght:: As the name suggests the focal length if fixed (unlike a zoom lens) so zooming means moving closer to the subject.

Why would I buy this??

Simply put if the focal length is fixed that means there are less number of internal lenses elements used in the construction. This means light has to travel through less obstructions means better quality of photos.

[2] Variable Focal length/Normal prime:: These are the regular lenses that pan a wide range of zooms ,all the way from wide angle to extreme telephoto. Naturally to accommodate such a range there are numerous lens elements used in the construction of the actual lens. Here again light needs to travel through all these elements and each lens(nothing but a piece of glass) induces various constraints reducing the quality of the image.

Optical quality of [2] is definitely not comparable with [1] but most definitely these are the kinds of lenses that most of us will use as its “relatively” cheaper than prime lens.

NOTE:: apart from these 2 main difference you also have dedicated lenses like Macro,wide-angle,telephoto,Mirror lens and so on.. But on a broader outlook all these sub categories will fall under either the [1] or [2].

So then which one should I choose?

This depends on what kind of photography one is interested in.

[1] If you do a lot of street photography / portraits a medium zoom would suffice . Some prefer prime lens for this but I would not simply because there are times where you cannot capture candid photos(Especially on the streets) as revealing yourself to the subject wont make it “candid” :). If its portraits then yeah, a good prime would be awesome.

[2] Nature: Go wide , Go wide ,Go wide!! 🙂

Where ever you look you find beauty in Nature so just go and pick up the widest available lens.(widest may be a bit exaggerated but still need to get the whole area under focus.) Having said that wide angle lenses are a bit expensive so take your pick in deciding.

[3] Sports/Wild life:: if this is your forte then “Go Telephoto” simply because you can never get close to a sportsman on the field and you “better” not get too close to wildlife 😛

So what are the lens I have then?

[1] 18-55mm (For wide angle)

[2] 55-250mm (For telephoto)

[1] is what i got when I bought my camera so holding on to it till i find a better one to replace it.

[2] is a surprisingly good lens as most of my portraits and street photography comes with this.

That’s pretty much it guys…Choose wisely , shoot well…

Q::Whats up in the next post?

A:: I will share details about what “speed of a lens” means

Cheers all


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