Start shooting!!

So today I and we begin a new journey into the ‘world of photography’

Since this is going to be my first post on the topic I”d like to start with the whole essence of  ‘photograpy’ and what I feel about it.

I use photographs to express the way I feel about things. I use it to try and tell a story that otherwise might be missed (At least I try to !! 😉 ). Its not hard to find good photograph[s/ers] at all. But if there is one thing i’ve realized in the past 3 yrs ,it has to be that my first photo still tells me something (good or bad thats really not the point) and thats the beauty of photos..

There are some who choose to define their lives with it and then there are others who choose to enrich their lives with it.. Being the hobbyist that I am, I chose the latter and it’s very very satisfying at the end of the day to sit and just look at them.

Anyway moving ahead.

This week I will discuss a few basic things that I feel anyone interested in buying a camera should know.

ALL:: You buy a DSLR or a point and shoot .


You often hear brands say, ‘This is a 15 Mega Pixel(MP) camera, or a 20MP camera” and so on…Take my word for it, never be fooled by such things because more pixels “DO NOT” mean you will get good photos.

The number of pixels will only tell you how big you can blow your image up at absolute quality and technically speaking all that anyone needs is roughly about 6MP to get a ‘Fabulous’ photo( Unless you want to go behind a political rally and put up billboards of our useless politicians.) Since models these days start with high pixel count more often than not you will find a good camera no matter what you buy.


Its all about sensors. You can read about it and see what makes more sense.. MP or sensor size , here.

In a nutshell, Bigger the sensor size better will be the layout of your pixels and consequently better quality..

To give you an example as to why sensors size is more important here is a small example.

Imagine your a student(Pixel) and your entering a class room of size 10×10(sensor size) . You will pull in a few friends into the class as well(obviously you will, definitely!!). So if you start pulling in more and more students into this class room what will happen??

There will come a point where you cannot even sit peacefully(meaning you have space constraints..) This diverts your attention and subsequently you fail becuase of miserable conditions.. This is exactly what happens to our poor old ‘pixel’ when its packed into a small sensor…. Due to the small size all the 15-20MP( dont forget M= Million, whihc makes it Million Pixels..)has to be allocated a slot to sit in a small size and the cant sit well and this hampers the image quality.


The most important thing in photography –> “HOW RICH YOU ARE??” (Personal take :D)

Ask yourself this question for as long as you wish to pursue this passion . These devices are state of the art in technology and they are not cheap at all..

Lenses are precision equipments and they cost just as much . More often than not you will ‘have’ to spend on a better lens as you start gaining expertise and the kind of photographs you wish to take dictates the nature of lens you should own . So always choose what kind of photography you want to do and choose a camera/lens accordingly.

Next week we shall see how one should choose a lens.

Start clicking folks…


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