UFO ,do they really exist ?

In today’s TOI(Times of India) a daily, I read and article about an UFO(Unidentified Flying Objects)sighting atop a mosque in Jerusalem.

From the time I was a kid , I always fancied an encounter with an UFO(Alas, Its has never happened till now.)
Nonetheless , I came online and found out that there was a youtube video on this.(Quite realistic ,I thought).

However I always found it difficult to understand a few points.
1.) Why is it that ‘almost all’ videos of UFO sighitings are badly taped?
With so much advancement in technology even a pocket camera which costs roughly 100$ takes detailed videos but oddly I’ve never seen a good and convincing tape yet.
What ‘rubbish’ is it to just tape a ‘stupid’ glow which moves up and down, round and round. I can do it in ‘Dewali’ times every year .(Dewali = Festival of crackers)

Is always makes me wonder if those guys really saw an UFO or was it all a gimmick.

Personally though with the universe stretching beyond thousands of light years I strongly believe that Aliens do exist.(Logically at least)
However if anyone did see an UFO, god oh god please make sure to use a good camera.

Or else its just ‘Junk’.


2 thoughts on “UFO ,do they really exist ?

  1. Finally, short and sweet but a very logical blog about the matter. However, I think a major problem with the bad footage is most people, the unsuspecting-amateur, have thier adrenaline pumping and forget to focus on the shot. What you end up with is a person holding the camera and generally aiming the shot but is too busy enjoying the moment and not paying attention to the final product.

    Now only if we can get a professional camera man with a HD camera and zoom to be at the right spot at the right time. Woudln’t that be some great footage?

    thank you, Roman-Gabriel http:/www.theprodjteam.com

    1. Agreed (to some extent at least). However I’ve personally seen so many documentaries where professional UFO hunters also fail to capture good images.
      That is very surprising. 🙂

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