Is it Google or Is it technology

Finally after desperately waiting to resume my blogging duties, I managed to find another off-topic subject to talk about.

We are all petrified about what info we share publicly on the web and the so called Tech savvy folks always find time to be on Facebook or twitter(Don’t really understand how its possible but anyway) to update status ,’POKE’ a friend and what  not.

However we almost always forget about the ‘resident evil’ and go beyond our ways to search for things to ponder over.

The story now, as the tag line goes is that of my experience with ‘Vodafone’.For folks who dont know what that is, they are one of the mobile service providers in India.

So anyway, I was fed up with the exorbitant internet charges levied by them so planned to change my carrier and thats how the story beings..

Little did i know that no sooner did i send a msg ‘PORT <no>’ to a certain carrier than came a call from one of the executives and he says,

Sir, we have found out that you sent a message to another carrier asking for a port, whats the matter. After explaining everything i finally managed to get a cut on my internet tariff (thats a surprise in itself.) but the point I’m trying to make here is so much of info is given out to the world by us because we use technology.

Now the point of my tag-line. We are all very familiar about the ‘Google toilet’ video making rounds on the web showing us how much of info google has about us and what can happen if its misused and all those things..(in case you dont know,

But what we fail to understand is that we share info everywhere and its because of technology .How did Vodafone get to know i sent a msg to their rivals? Hey must have sniffed my msgs and i certainly did not give them permission to do so.

Bottom line would be that we give access to make our lives simple and easy and fail to understand the nitty gritty issues in doing so. However when it comes to ‘Blame game’ we always forget to look at smaller things that affect us more than the really BIG things.

Simply put, how many are aware of “Google”S existence? How many know how to use the ‘Google search’ what is the percentage of people using Google anyway ?

Answers are pretty simple.. Most of the ‘shady’ deals happen over phones and normalcy is over phone not over chats/VOIP.

So think about it and normalcy gets disrupted if you know your carriers are sniffing everything you do..

Whose the bigger culprit ?


Cheers!! 🙂



3 thoughts on “Is it Google or Is it technology

  1. @ Shampavman,

    Actually, when you are sending msg to PORT to 1900 with your mobile number, Provider has to generate Unique Portability Code of your mobile number for next three month. If you have sent it from your mobile or from other mobile number, it will have your provider connected with Unique Portability Code, which will come from their servers, they will identify it from your current number.

    So, anyway, they will know that we are in mood to change the provider, so they will turned for negotiation, same thing happened for me for Airtel, BLR and got 15% discount on overall bill with nominal monthly rental.

    1. Yes, this is just what happened to me too..
      All of a sudden (and weirdly) my Internet service charges on the phone was slashed in an instant to 99Rs from 399pm. 🙂
      And the explanation given was my phone (Andriod) all of a sudden started to support the 99 plan while it didnt do this earlier.

      Hows that for an answer?
      All lobbyists.

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