ZFS to the rescue again.

To start with, please stand up and applaud the whole concept of the infamous “Zettabyte File System”, a.k.a ZFS.

During the weekend while I was working on bug in the new ISO due to various reasons I had to import a set of libraries from a newer build of Opensolaris.

More specifically I’m talking about this guy.

1.) ld.so.1

So basically I wanted a newer version of this library that I had built and chanced upon moving it from my build location into the actual location on a running “Build machine”, If anything is to be said “One should never attempt this.” 🙂

mv /lib/ld.so.1 /lib/ld.so.1.orig

cp <build-loc>/ld.so.1 /lib/ld.so.1

And the moment I hit enter after the 2nd step, things went downhill. Luckily though I had a checkpoint created earlier which was all fine, But little did I fear. Following are what I did to revive my works in 10 mins. !!!

1.)boot into an older checkpoint.

#zfs set mountpoint=/a <name of the checkpoint that was screwed>

Reverted my changes to the original setup, and come out of the mount dir.

#bootadm -R /a (To update the boot archive on that checkpoint.)

#zfs set mountpoint=legacy <name of the checkpoint that was screwed>


And thats all it took to get life back into my checkpoint which had all critical works..

Try it out..(Well actually dont, just use this as a pointer to help!! )

PS:: no matter what you do “NEVER play around with ld.so.1 or libc ” especially on a running machine.



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