2 wheelers too much??

So in the dead hrs of sat morning (1:24AM) to be precise , while my builds are going on in the background , Instead of sleeping Im contributing yet another post here…

Todays hot topic ,”Our great University” = VTU (visvesvaraya Technological University) is at loggerheads with over 2 Lack engineering students.

The reason is very simple , Just a few days ago our “Beloved” Vice-Chancellor came up with an Idea to ban all the engineering ‘kids’ from taking there vehicles out to college in the hopes that it will help ease traffic situation in Bangalore…

Just a heads up on this whole scenario….

VTU happens to be one of the biggest and quite well known universities for aspiring engineers to graduate from .(I am a pass out from the same University as well!! 2009 -pass out).

There are about 140 colleges under this University spread all across Karnataka. (Im guessing it might have added a few more colleges under its list by now 😛 ).

Anyway , getting back to the story.

The VC has claimed that taking out the 2 wheelers used by engineering students to get to colleges will take a lot of vehicles off the road and ease traffic congestion in an “already choking city”. And as usual in fairness to Democracy everyone is entitled to their opinions and before you know it, majority of the students are against the proposal.

To make matters more attractive, The VC himself traveled in a public transport Bus, to prove a point(Not sure if he is even ready to do it everyday!! ) and was very quick to also point out that he would take his official ‘car’ out in case of important meetings…(Hmm….. People in this country always have important stuff to deal with, wonder how that will work out!! )

Secondly here is my opinion on this whole “propaganda” ( No, its not a wrong word at all.. everyone here just wants to be in the news, pull me in for an interview as well!!! )

1. Everyone knows the state of affairs in this Country MR. VC!! its like a while lie being told to people in the name of Democracy.. where all should be equal “By law” , but some are “Always more important than the rest”.

If you really plan on getting the kids off their bikes how are they going to reach college in time?(Whether they are coming out to study or going out with friends / loved ones is not as important as getting to college in time.)

2. Lets face it, if you stay really far away from your college and there is bus service provided by the college , Im very sure people will opt for it..

Being a 2009 pass out im more than aware of how things go in colleges .. Memories are still very very fresh. I know a lot of my friends who stayed in the North of Bangalore and to commute to college they very well took the college bus only…

Only during Exams were they comfortable with private vehicles…

3. While making decisions public is it not your duty to also comply with a workaround for the pain it would cause to the community under question?Do you really think just because we have the constitutional law that will enable us to say what we want , we should actually do it without weighing the consequences

4. What about the people having to come from lesser known areas where there are no buses (Public transport or Private) Do you really feel its a feasible option to still insist that they take the public transport.

5. As a Citizen of this nation and with my abilities to “say what I want as well ”  as a part of “Democracy” I want to know if the colleges have been notified about this change or have you or your office spoken to each and every college and ask them to provide Bus services to cater to their students.. With nothing like that being mentioned in the “Daily” I have nothing to believe..

Its really a good initiative I must say to think about the kids future and do these things for them(Or so I hope). However its not sufficient to just place rice in a steamer and run away.. You should light the gas, pour water into the steamer ,wait for it to whistle , then you’ll have rice to ‘EAT’ or else the rice you will get to eat will make you ‘SICK’.

“Hope i was sufficiently clear”

This is very very disheartening to see such decisions being taken, and quoting that it will help children while its might just do them more harm…

Finally, As the VC of an University I hope power is vested in you to make decisions about ‘Education’ also..

If so, why not try these as starters??

a) Get hold of a better syllabus

b) Provide opportunities for budding engineers to develop practical skills required at workplace than to ask them to mug up a “Idiotic” syllabus which will make them “UTTERLY USELESS” in the real world. (its a known fact.. that students coming out of our University are hardly employable)

c) Aim for Lectures who can “TEACH” and not “LECTURE”, that make a lot and lot of difference.

d) Corruption is rampant in colleges.. Do something to check that so that students dont become puppets under some phantom!

e) Hire good Teachers, “WHO CAN SPEAK ENGLISH” or at least “KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!! ”

I can go on and on about the pitfalls with these Ideas, but then again these are my suggestions and as always “Only a few people who really know how to navigate through a browser will get to read”.

Not to mention these things will hardly be seen by people who need to see it.

I just hope the next Gen Engineers are least half as good as their seniors (as day progresses we are really falling low on quality education) if not any better!!!

A short story…

PS: A person once asked me what she needs to do with a ‘Pen-drive’ and where it should be Inserted and how it will work.

This person was doing Engineering with me, of the same age.

That person was able mug up the sheets and write exams, scored exceptionally well as well!! what was the use for now that person is just like any one working in an ordinary IT company.. Thats not life as you would see it , right MR VC ?

Provide Education that will give people insight into stuff,. not take away what little they already posses… :p.

Dont waste your time in thinking if a Guy is riding a bike or flying to college.. He or she is already at it’s doorstep.. Think what needs to be done next!

And thats the change perhaps every engineer /engineering student want !!


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