Early morning musings

Finally after having an enthusiastic evening and after some tiring work all through the night.. I’ve finally configured my new machine..

I got hold of an Intel core i7-930 as my “build machine” ,thanks to my company 🙂
Its one hell of a machine, I’ll tell you.!!!
With a normal frequency of 2.8Ghz and a turbo frequency of 3.2Ghz(if im right) its really got some juice….
Throw in about 8G of RAM ,cabinet,motherborad and a netgear router later I finally have a machine that can build Kernel’s in the time it takes for most to get back home from work 😉

Anyway with this a lot of other possiblities have opened up.. Like using my existing machine on one AV out and the new one in another…
So basically 2 CPUs and 1 monitor/mouse/keyboard.. == neat!!! 🙂

I have been reading about this for some time now and will be setting it up in sometime..
Nice way to start and spend a weekend.. 🙂



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