Bangalor’ed !!

“Its a heart breaking story and perhaps the best example of democracy gone to dogs.”

The evening of Jun 9 started off like any other.. I sat in my car and as the garage doors shut in front of me ,I drove along on a wet /rainy evening.

The destination was ‘Kormanagala’,(Thought ot be one of the IT hubs of bangalore and a very fancy piece of land to own and to stay in.).

To avoid the insane traffic i usually take the residential areas around that place . However because of heavy rains almost all the road leading up to koramangala had turned into a vicious river , so much so that in a matter of few mins almost 1FT of water started fill the roads.

I agree that it has rained for 20 mins till that point. But just 20 mins was sufficient to fill up the drains, and the water started to flow out of the manholes..(I prayed as the sewage started to pour out).

“This post is just aimed at our municipal corps who claim to have done good jobs in maintaining the city well..”

Only people who go through that know how it feels to ‘walk in  your on SHIT’ .

Where are the taxes that civilians pay going?If this is the fate of the city that is known as the ‘IT hub of India'(for what ever its worth) what is the fate of other cities.?How about the lesser known places inside “Bangalore” itself?.

Everyone does not live on MG road MR Politicians! Try to use the roads that you have given us! then you will know how it feels.

Dont take credit for what has been already done,much more needs to be done. Where is the money sanctioned for these things ?

I guess , I could see taxpayers money flowing out of those manholes along with there own crap and their neighbour’s, today!

What a disaster .

PS: Hope people read this and start making them accountable for what they do.There is “NO HOPE” otherwise of anything changing around here.


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