A rubbish phone called Blackberry.

A not so great way to resume my blogging attitude I suppose but what has to be, has to be!!!
A few months ago ‘under compulsion’ I picked up my first new phone in the past 4 yrs.
It was a Blackberry-8520
With all the hype surrounding the phone I must say I was really optimistic in choosing this one however my initial research itself made me skeptical about this phone..

But then decided to do away with my Moto ming(Still the sexiest and far better than BB IMO).
Im also a bit of a techno freak so no sooner did I buy the BB than I went in for a GPRS conn to be able to access mails/net on the run.

So here are my dissatisfactions.
1. Before I bought the phone I did extensive research and figured out that even with GPRS you need to have a separate BB internet account with BB to actually receive mails. This is probably ok considering the strict security protocols followed by BB ..

It not only costed me 300rs extra on my existing bill to enable this plan but also took away the facility to browse the net..
Some what mutually exclusive? WTF?
And supposing I want that as well added to my phone i need to pay an extra 1000rs to get both features on my phone… WTF, WTF!!

2. Lets take a look at this phone as such from BB perspecitive itself..
It has always been claimed that BB is oriented more towards Business folks and not casual users..
If so be the case, Does nobody think that businessmen have more secrets to keep than casual guys..
In this view , the only feature that is provided by default by BB phones is a phone lock.
How can this be acceptable?
My Moto ming had directory lock, personal inbox lock, permissions could be set..
and best of all, this was by “DEFAULT”

Before buying the phone I contacted the retailers and all they had to say was to buy more softwares that did this job for me!

If i get the same from a phone which is more adaptable , more sleek, better looking why should anyone by BB?
And lets face , you dont set your mailboxes day in and day out…
Once set its there till you screw up your phone..
So instead of having 2 steps in BB for setting up mailboxes(which was also foolishly ilinformed.) We might have to have 3-4 steps in other phones.
BIG DEAL is it??

And finally here was a shocker.
One retailer infact told me that the phone provides just one feature that is a phone lock to lock all your data.
Taking from a “Businessman’s” perspective confidentiality is to be maintained across various features not just a foolish phone lock for everything.

Its almost like saying, I buy a suitcase to hide a million dollars that i’ve stolen, and instead of locking the briefcase that has my money.
It better to just lock the entire room and go while the briefcase is still lock-less!!!
weird, foolish, dont quite understand..
Well thats my review/opinion about BB i guess!!!


4 thoughts on “A rubbish phone called Blackberry.

  1. BB dataplans are crap! I’ll buy iPhone and jailbreak it. Currently, iPod touch (music, skype, facebook, small browsing while seating in couch, twitter, identica and even note taking) plus simple Phone that has incoming-outgoing works for me 🙂

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