Data here, Data there? Where is my data now?

It’s finally official now and the next best thing in networking technology has come alive. on Nexenta Core Platform-3

What am I talking about?,

pNFS(Parallel NFS):

Overview:Parallel NFS is a part of the NFS v4.1 standard that allows clients to access storage devices in parallel. The pNFS architecture provides greater performance and scalability when compared to legacy NFS technology.

Advantages as evident include the extent of scalability, separation of the Data and Metadata and extreme performance when compared to legacy NFS .


Currently this functionality is provided by NCP3 and is based on ON-b121. Going forward we have more exciting things to share..

Grab a copy of pNFS here.

Or you can just clone the bits by this…

hg clone

For complete details visit,

You can also read everything about pNFS here.

I’ll be writing a complete report on a complex configuration shortly.. Till then,


PS:pNFS has been up for development in the recent past and it was tantalizingly luring to take this technology and build around it and go one step higher by providing a working model.


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