A dot, call it Punto

This might seem to be a bit off-topic but nonetheless.. Its spectacular  to me.

I’ll be buying my first car, and perhaps a little too excited about this fact for I’m making a blog post.. It could also serve as a helper to quite a few in deciding  (I hope!!)

How it started!

I had a fancy to own a really well built car which was classy, looked stunning and for the better part ,outright beat the competition.A few months ago I got ‘car crazy’ and started to fish around for sedan(Always the preferred one!). I realized sooner than I thought that I’m just …… to make such an investment that I had to downsize my ambitions/desires.. 😦

Well ,… I said I downsized my ambitions ,but never gave up on the deep rooted classy appeal…So went again in search for premier hatchbacks …. (for people who dont know , its a fiercely fought segment in India).

The Challengers:

Maruthi -Swift, Skoda- Fabia, Hyundai-i20, the loving’ ly called: ‘Dot’

I started my endeavour with the Fabia and I really and terribly regret that choice for it impressed me so much that outright I was ready to say that its the best …But then again I guess I’m a little more sensible than a few to say a price tag of 8Lacs for a small car!! ridiculous…

The swift I felt was swift only on the paper, for it lacked some features that I had seen on the Skoda thus far…Didn’t have half the equipments.. the upholstery was not too good.In-car features were a disappointment.

Then I shifted base and tested out the Hyundai counterpart… This time also I regret doing that, but unlike the Skoda , this was truly disappointing… Im just going to finish it up by saying, Its a ridiculously engineered, insanely priced, highly Impractical car.

Finaaaaaaaaaaaaly it was the time I looked at a ‘Dot’

And here is the dot…..

Firstly I was awed by the awesome paint job that was done… Pick any colour it paint work was impeccable ,I had never seen a better work on any car on Indian roads…. Sometimes I felt it beat the Skodas as well…

Then ,’OH MY GOD’ ,the design was truly like an Italian steed!! Very sporty.. I particularly liked the way Red gelled with the design.. Although I would have liked to see it in either a stunning Yellow, or an off-beat ‘Green’.(Unfortunately none exist)

So much for the looks, I was really worried with its performance for I had driven its bigger cousin (Linea) which simply ‘sucks’. But then contrary to my expectations it proved its worth in that dept as well… I took the car out for a 40Km spin and damn was is spectacular.

The diesel is what I have picked up and frankly It impressed me in all the areas, Handling is good.Comfort is fine as well.. Looks stunning, no body roll compared to its adversaries. A 1.2Tonne behemoth handles like a gem.cornering is good.. great stability and the diesel was really fun to drive… I especially liked the mature flow of torque ..

In all ,it was a wonderful experience to drive it, Now I’ll be owning it.. a few more posts are on their way once I lay my hands on a Black Baby.(The colour was also carefully chosen and has a special/satisfying importance)

In all I would really say its a worthy car.. and Fiat has done a wonderful job(after palio)

Cheers!! (To me!!!)


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