With regard to my previous post, the only reason I chose to install 64bit (9.04) was that I could use virtualbox to its full capabilities as that was imperative for me.. But as it turned out I was in for a nasty surprise….

Firstly skype did not work out of the box… (There is no official version on the repo so had to download it from skype’s website…) It had major issues with audio, connectivity .

Resorted to medibuntu as told earlier but caused more issues than it solved… Again the same issue of stability… It used to hang every 10-15mins.. I had to manually kill/restart skype…PAIN.

2.No matter what I tried ,could not get flash working… had to go on for days without harvesting my crops!!! (Farmville)

Get back to 32bit. and download everything afresh.. Despite the schedule I had had to completely redo every damn thing to get it up and working.. But now as usual some of my work related tasks cant be executed with full might… 😦

PS: Wish some one looked into this asap…
Till then though , for those of you who want to use skype on 9.04 i’d suggest , stick with the 32bit then install the intrepid (not jaunty) version of skype works fine…


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