Mercurial, Patches -How to?

It had been a very long time since I even looked at my blog , but Im back with some Mercurial stuff this time.

Most of the development work that anyone does has to end up some place for version control and Mercurial is one such place thats in vogue now…AFAIK

And patches are these small changes that you do to your codes and end up publishing them.. So once done with it , How do you export the patch?


  1. hg qnew -m “some info regarding the patch”  “place holder, A.K.A-patch name” ..(so what you do here is to tell that there will be a new patch that will be entering the queue(qnew) and specify comments and patch name as arguments ,respectively.
  2. Go ahead and edit the file you want ,save and exit.
  3. hg qrefresh .(This will refresh the queue meaning, it will make your patch visible)
  4. That’s it.

Simple steps to create/upload a patch…


–> You can verify after step2 to see if you have done it correctly… If so then, “hg status” will throw up an o/p where in the file you just changed will be listed and mared as ‘M’ (modified)

—> After step3 you can re-run this command and see that you wont find anything, thats because its been successfuly updated… and thats how you can verify your works…

—> If you further want any clarifications you can look at “hg log” it will list out the complete log and you can see your change there…

—> Some other places of interest will be .hg/patches/series (it will list your patch name) and .hg/patches you can see your patch-name here as well… (With the changes you’ve made)

PS: Good luck..

Will learn more to post more, so long!!


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