Sharing files ,Solaris host ,win xp guest

This is something that a lot of people were finding difficult to address.

Now bid good-bye to all your worries :), well!!

I’ll cover sharing files step by step accompanied with screenshots so that its easy to understand.


On your Solaris host, before running the guest(XP in this case), choose Settings->Shared folders->Add folder.    (First create a folder in solaris intended to be shared with xp then just navigate to it as mentioned above).Then boot your ‘Guest’ 😉


Step 2:

Start menu ->(rt click) ->My Network places->Entire network ->Virtualbox shared folders

Here if you have created a Share folder as mentioned in ‘step1’ then you have to see an entry under “Virtual Shared folder” with an appropriate name.(You have to see it, otherwise check your unix commands 🙂 )


Step 3:

(rt click) on that shared folder -> Map network drive.

Keep the default name(Z:\ in my case) or if your really exited that your almost approaching a successful end then go ahead and change it :).


Step 4: Thats it!! 😀

Now when you open up My computer, you will see the newly created drive under “Network drives” . It opens up like any other drive and operations thus follow in the usual manner.

At the end this is how it looks!!!


Cheers!! 🙂


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