Recovering solaris after windows installation

Ever wondered how easy it is to recover your favorite OS after installing……

Follow these steps for a glorious recovery 🙂
* Get a OpenSolaris Installation Disk,
* Boot from CD,
* type ‘c’ at boot menu to get the GRUB command line,
* Type this: rootnoverify (hdX,Y)
replace X by hdd number, and Y by the sequence number of partition where Solaris is installed. e.g. rootnoverify (hd0,0) for first harddisk and first partition.
* Now make the Solaris partition active. Type this: makeactive
* Now chainload the bootsect, which implies that the GRUB bootloader, which is installed through your Solaris will be loaded when you’ll startup your system.
* To do this, type the following: chainloader +1
* Finally type: boot

Note:As usual, Windows wiped out the MBR and set it’s own partition as active. Following this, I lost my GRUB bootloader and hence the option to boot into Solaris. I searched around a bit and found a couple of good tweaks to recover a Solaris/OpenSolaris boot option.


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