Gods own Country !!

Post July2 I’ve realized how Insignificant man can be and yet tries to overpower nature only to brandish its fury upon himself… 🙂

Just out of engineering(Uffff!!) We decided to take a deserved break and ended up planing a trip to Munnar ,Kerala.

Munnar is about a 12Hrs from Bangalore and nestled away as a hill station its a place that one must visit to really see how beautiful nature can be.

Winding Ghat sections,with glorious valleys on either side of the road ,valleys holding Tea estate after Tea estate and just when you think you cant be awed more you look up to see the spectacular sky open up upon you ,the cold breeze ,roaring waterfalls here and there… They are just everywhere 🙂

The best time to visit Munnar is post ‘Sept’  however if you dont mind getting drenched for a while I’d suggest June/July. Since its off season you can bargain at will and end up spending half as much for perhaps the same amount of fun….

Green ,Green, Green is all you can see,as far as the eye can see 🙂



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