vim really fun.

Off late Im pretty much sitting in front of the computer and learning /re-learning
Solaris from scratch.
Not to mention I’ve been working really hard in finishing some work as well….
With whatever time I get by the night.. I was trying out various things on the console.

Since I was using VIM as my editor,I started learning how to write the .vimrc file…
Yes folks,how to write it?????

Apparently and Ironically,if your a root user the $HOME dir wont have a .vimrc file….
Not to blame it as its quite evident that you can modify Vim’s behaviour so much that writing
a .vimrc file turns out to be extremely subjective…
How about that for customization, aye?

Anyway after seeing my mentors use flashy gree,red,blue and what not in their editors,Its only
obvious that I wished I had something similar too….
And all It takes to get these colourful displays(most of the times) are some very minor tweaks

So getting into the techs of it, This is all you need to do.
# TERM=dtterm; export TERM

Not to forget you will have to include this in you $HOME/.vimrc file as well

syntax enable

and thats it, and no more boring white and black displays on Vim.
Thats just no it.if you dont like the colour,go ahead and edit

There are a few more advantages as well..By setting TERM=dtterm,
you can counter the page refresh that occurs when ‘  :wq ‘ is hit to save/exit the editor.
The editor will exit but will freeze giving the Entire terminal a nice flow…
Cooool :)If you are a newbie like me ,here is the .vimrc file I work with.

Very basic I must say but will add lot more when the necessity arises..


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