The next step

I have been working on my next project for quite sometime now .Its called CrossBow and the project is just as interesting as way the name was conceived.
Just makes me wonder sometimes whether writing codes is difficult or coining a name of it?
Cossbow actually provides a way to set up all the network devices like Switches, Routers,Hosts but Virutally!!!Think its a disadvantage? think again…
How cool would it be to actually see packets travelling across IPs without having to set up 2 independent systems for it????. Well you can do that now!

The entire Virtual network is created by using the CrossBow technology the overview can be found here,
and the documentation here.
The necessary hosts are created using Zones.

During this project I was introduced to a language called “Ruby” and it truly is one Gem of a language! The “good” just kept on coming with the onset of YAML (Yaml aint a markup language). (who ever said coding for life was a pain?.Like they say, when it rains it pours!

Anyway currently the Ruby libraries are capable of,
-Creating the Virtual Switches
-Creating Virtual NICs
-Setting up the various properties for each of the Vnics and aggregate them!

Sunay’s blog has excellent write up to acclimatize anyone with the working of CrossBow.Take a look at it!
Thats it for now,
Keep you posted on the developments!


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