So we as CAs are taught so many things from Sun folks .Its hard to imagine people can be this friendly and Humble.I am yet to see people more humble than them!! (If they even exist)
.Now that I was (And still am) doing my Internship as a CA I got an opportunity to work with
Moinak Gosh (The architect of Belenix) over the last Summer.

The project aimed at providing a “RAM based boot for Belenix0.7” . The complete details can be found a few posts down.!
But when the “Opensource Community Innovation awards” was announced, it was like a hot cake  thats was too good to let go.And so I sent my works on Belenix .
And what do you ,I WON!!                                                                                                                        The Winning contest entries are announced here . (perhaps it was the best day yet)
A brief Intro of all the Award recipients are here

PS: Well that day was beyond belief .What followed in the evening and all through the night was perhaps “pure delight of Insanity” (If you know what i mean ;))
A hearty Thanks to everybody who helped me!

SUN Rocks!!!!!


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