Invisibility un-earthed!!!

For all those Pidgin users, have you ever felt the need to go invisible over gmail accounts, to avoid some obvious people and really not done a good job at finding answers to it  ;-)
Well behold the magic script..
<presence type=”unavailable”>
Just paste this in your xmmp console and your done! Invisible instantaneously across all your gmail accounts!!!!
So how to get to xmmp console?
tools > plugins
By the end of the list you should see something that says “xmpp console<some version>” , Select it.
Once done you should see “xmpp console” pop up in the “tools” menu bar.Navigate to it and in the subsequent console that opens up, paste the above mentioned code ….
PS: I am not sure if the xmpp console option is provided under the windows version of pidgin..Anybody willing to fill me in on this, is most welcome!


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